Kahuna Bodywork Workshops

Kahuna Massage Workshops

Open level | Byron Bay, Australia

Learning Kahuna massage (bodywork) with us is about much more than just the Kahuna massage modality. The journey in our workshops is also one of self discovery ~ where you will learn to meet and move with all that you are. We teach you how to access your inherent “master skills” through the application of Kahuna Principles and the martial art-style practice of Ka’aleleau. This is how Kahuna Bodywork was originally taught.

Our retreat program has been authentically designed according to the teachings of (Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i, a native Hawaiian Kahuna and creator of Kahuna Bodywork. Workshops are open to students of all levels of experience, from complete beginner to advanced practitioner. The nature of the teaching enables individual instruction within the group and allows for students to progress at their own pace during the workshop.

Workshops are focussed around the practice of Ka’aleleau, which Kahu used as a way of teaching ancient Hawaiian principles and bodywork moves. Ka’aleleau with its controlled and focused movements is a somatic movement sequence similar in some ways to Qigong. It is an ancient spiritual dance/ movement facilitating a deeper understanding of self and the Kahuna art of non-verbal communication with all things.

Kahuna Massage Workshop Program

  • Ka’aleleau exercises – a form of martial art that underpins the bodywork practice
  • Rhythm, voice, sensitivity and focus exercises
  • Ho’omanamanamana – stretching and flexibility exercises that harness the energy (mana) within the body
  • Principles and practices of Kahuna Bodywork
  • Methods used in Kahuna Bodywork
  • Hawaiian geomancy (feng shui)
  • Ki energy raising techniques
  • How to perform a Kahuna bodywork for relaxation

Our workshops aren’t just for people wanting to learn Kahuna massage, they are also great for personal development. Our program helps participants to increase awareness of where emotions are held in the body. We teach you how to access this energy and direct it in a more contributing way within every aspect of your life. So whether you want to be a Kahuna massage therapist or not this is an opportunity to discover in action how applied Kahuna principles can make a profound difference for you. This training is not about learning something Hawaiian, but about connecting to your own ancestral lineage and the wisdom that lays within it, enabling deeper insight of the self. This is wisdom that is carried in your DNA and by using the training techniques of the Kahuna we all have the ability to access it.


Our dedicated teaching space, Halau Nuholani, is located next to Mount Jerusalem National Park in the Byron Bay hinterland, just 50 minutes from Gold Coast and Ballina airports and 2 hours from Brisbane.


Your workshop facilitator is Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber, Master of Kahuna Bodywork (Hawai’i 2001). Ki’a’i studied with Kahu for 16 years in Hawai’i before setting up the college here in Australia with his guidance and approval. Also attending may be students in instructor training.

Workshop dates 2018

  • 20th - 27th January 
  • 10th - 11th March (intro weekend)
  • 14th – 21st April 2018
  • 28th July – 4th August 2018
  • 3rd - 10th November 2018

Workshop investment

7 day workshop: $1,450 camping and $1,660 in dorm.
Weekend workshops: $350 camping and $380 in dorm.
All food and equipment is included in the workshop price.

Kahuna Massage Hawai’i Workshop

Next dates TBC

We regularly hold special workshops in the beautiful Waianae valley on the island of Oahu, Hawai’i. These trips enable students to connect with the wisdom held by the Kupuna (elders) of this land and explore Kahuna Bodywork as taught by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.

The workshops are held at Mouna Farm Arts & Cultural Village where we delve deeply into the practice of Ka’aleleau and discover how to move and work with the elemental forces of nature. These are advanced level workshops, where the structure and flow is guided by the energy of the group and what is received or “next”. We will be teaching the principles that underpin Kahuna Bodywork and how we bring these into all aspects of our life in order to uncover our own inherent master skills. During the workshops, there is also opportunity for beach time, walking, cultural exchange and pizza making! Take a look at our video of the first workshop held on Oahu and be inspired by the experience that awaits you.

Please note that due to the advanced nature of the teaching, you must have completed at least one full workshop with us to be eligible to join us in Hawai’i.

Kahuna massage training in Hawaii

Hawai'i Workshop investment

$1,600 including dinner and camping accommodation. Extra nights available at $25/night.

Contact the College to reserve your spot

Kahuna Massage Europe Workshop

Next dates TBC

In this unique Kahuna massage workshop you will not only learn a beautiful massage style but a deeper understanding of yourself. Using a sequence of exercises called Ka’aleleau we will show you hoe to come back to your centre. From this strong sense of self you can unleash your own inherent master skills. Do you want to know more about you your genetic line and the wisdom contained within it? In our training we are not learning something Hawaiian, but coming closer to our own inner knowledge and understanding. The answer to every question, every problem comes from you. …..

Dieser einzigartige Kahuna Bodywork Training – Workshop beinhaltet nicht nur das Erlernen einer wunderschönen Körperarbeit, sondern Du begibst Dich mittels speziellen Übungen auf eine Reise, um mehr von Dir zu erfahren und um in Deine Mitte zurück zu gelangen. Durch diese starke Selbstwahrnehmung kannst Du Deine in Dir wohnenden Fähigkeiten entfesseln. Willst Du Dich mit deiner genetischen Linie und der darin enthaltenen Weisheit verbinden? In unserem Training geht es mehr darum sich seines inneren Wissens bewusst zu werden, als etwas Hawaiianisches zu lernen. Die Antwort zu jeder Frage, jede Problemlösung, kommt aus Dir selbst.

Kahuna Massage training in Europe

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