About (Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i, Kahuna

Keeper of the Maka’i’ole and Kapihe Kahuna Arts

“Te Tia’i Nei’ou Tou Rua I Te Tama”

(Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i was a native born Hawaiian Kahuna of the Order of Olohe, an adept of innate perceptive ability. He was the Kahuna through whose line all Kahuna trainings in non-Hawaiian Society originate. Kahuna Training is not a tradition lost, although it has been in a kind of nebulous shroud for many years. In reality it has been available to people of all cultures since the late 1960s with the Kahuna himself, who modified the methods to suit contemporary western consciousness, to enable anybody to understand the Source of All.

For thirty years, aside from being trained in many specific Kahuna Arts, he is also trained in ‘Kaona’ & ‘Ho’okake’, the Kahuna use of innate perceptive ability. This ability translates figurative, symbolic and literal reasoning into functional Principle, upon which all lectures, workshops and seminars at Na Pua ‘Olohe were formatted, making it possible to cross over the perspective of time and culture, without limitations.

The name (Kahu) Aua’ia Maka’i’ole is the doctorate of his second Kahuna achievement, known as ‘Ike ka’, and used the Masters name of (Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i. He later carried the title and doctoral achievement of ‘ULIAMA’, and the ‘Nobel Portal of Kahuna Aua’ia’.

Kahu guided the set up of the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences and, together with Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber, developed the Certificate IV in Kahuna Bodywork. Taking the ancient principles and ways of teaching and adapting them to fit within the Australian Qualifications Framework. This legacy ensures that Kahuna Bodywork is trained to a high level of professional standards.




Kahu Abraham Kawai'i
It is, when you are the speaker and the listener, and that which is spoken, in one…..’ ‘It is, when you are the giver, the receiver, and that which is given, in one…..’ Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, Aua'ia, Uliama