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Download Course Information

In Kahuna Bodywork training personal achievement shows in greater knowledge of Self and how you relate to the environment, as well as the performance of Kahuna Bodywork.

Learn in action how applied Kahuna principles can change your life.

Explore the possibility of a greater range of movement, more vitality and flexibility, beauty and health.


* Ka’aleleau ‘Flight of the Navigator’ martial art exercises
* Ho’omanamanamana stretching & flexibility exercises,
* Rhythm & focus exercises
* Voice training
* Various cleansing and healing practices
* Energy raising
* Performing Kahuna Body work for relaxation

Your group leader is Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber. Also attending may be students in instructor training.

Learning Kahuna Bodywork with us is about much more than just the massage modality, the journey in our workshops is one of Self discovery ~ where you will meet and move with all that you are. We teach you how to access your inherent “master skills” through the application of Kahuna Principles and the martial art-style practice of Ka’aleleau. This is how Kahuna Bodywork was originally taught by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.

Workshop dates:

  • Jan 16th – 17th 2016: Introductory weekend
  • February 20th – 27th 2016: Open level workshop
  • August 13th-20th 2016: Open level workshop
  • Oct 29th – 5th Nov 2016: Open level workshop       

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