Book a Kahuna Massage workshop

Kahuna Bodywork is much more than just a massage technique. It is a journey of self-discovery, where you will learn to meet and move with all that you are.


Our open level workshops are focussed on the martial-art style practice of Ka’aleleau. Developed by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, the creator of Kahuna Bodywork, Ka’aleleau is a somatic movement sequence that enables the practitioner to feel and move with Ki (life force) energy. Drawing on the Hawaiian martial art of Lua and ancient Hula, Ka’aleleau is fundamental to Kahuna Bodywork, facilitating a deeper understanding of Self and our connection to all things.

Whether you want to be a Kahuna Bodywork practitioner, or just deepen in your own personal journey, our workshops will show you how Kahuna principles can transform your life.

Please choose from camping or dorm accommodation when booking. Price includes all food, equipment and tuition.

Kahuna Bodywork 7 Day Workshop – Open level


Shared DormCamping