Kahuna Bodywork (Lomi Ka’aleleau) is a flowing and dynamic form of massage-like therapy. In our massage course you will discover how Kahuna Bodywork uses sensitivity and long flowing strokes to provide a space for clients to experience healing and wellbeing for themselves. With the aid of posture, leverage and motion, the practitioner is able to perform the bodywork according to the script of the client’s body and facilitate healing. This allows clients to regain balance and awareness. Kahuna Bodywork also enables both practitioner and client how to access pathways to physically, emotionally or spiritually unexplored areas within themselves.


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 Nationally recognised Kahuna massage course

The Australian College of Kahuna Sciences offers the only nationally accredited Kahuna Bodywork course in Australia. Our Certificate IV massage course combines quality assured health units together with the practical aspects of Kahuna Bodywork training to meet the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

As a registered training organisation and VET provider, we are regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority so you can trust that you will be receiving the very best in professional training.

Our massage course is led by Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber who is a Master of Kahuna Bodywork and trained directly with Kahu Abraham Kawai’i for 16 years before setting up the college with his guidance and blessing. We teach Kahuna Bodywork the way it was originally taught in Hawai’i, whilst making the principles and concepts accessible to the modern students way of learning.

Massage course
Massage course
Kahuna Massage Training
Massage course Hawai'i Workshop


You can start your Certificate IV in Kahuna Bodywork (Relaxation) at any time during the year. Once your application is accepted you will be enrolled into the first theory modules delivered via our online learning portal. You then just need to select the residential workshops you would like to attend to begin your practical training. These are held approximately four times a year. Our massage course is full time with a flexible learning delivery that allows students to fit in study around other commitments.


What our students say

'' So much is still filtering through in unexpected ways. One thing is for sure, I feel truly different and stronger from that amazing time.''

Susan, Port Macquarie

''As well as offering my clients a deeply therapeutic treatment, I am able to rejuvenate my being every time I perform''

Joy, Byron Bay

''Every client at the student clinic brought insights, lessons. So many stories, so many connections''

Gail, New Zealand

Kahuna Sciences training is a cornerstone. It has taught me an incredible form of bodywork and a way to live in harmony with natures principles. This training is unsurpassed on all levels.

Fiona, Adelaide

I am so grateful for this gift. Each bodywork is a new journey for me. My life around me has changed because every cell in my body has changed. I found my space of existence.

Isi, Austria